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Alternating Pressure Pad

Alternating Pressure Pad

SKU: AQ1000

Product Description

The Lumex alternating pressure pad and pump system is designed to prevent and treat pressure ulcers and pressure sores. The quiet pump provides gentle, alternating pressure in 5-minute cycles to shift the user's weight, reducing pain points and tissue hot spots. It's a cost-effective solution for those who are immobile or bedridden and fits on any bed, including hospital beds and homecare beds. Quality is the hallmark of all Lumex products. Trusted by healthcare professionals and end-users for over 50 years, Lumex features a full line of patient aids and specialty healthcare seating.



  • REDUCE PRESSURE POINTS: Designed to prevent and treat pressure ulcers and pressure sores by automatically shifting the user's bodyweight and eleviating pain points for those who are unable to do so on their own
  • AUTOMATIC INFLATION: Bubble pad automatically inflates and deflates in an alternating 5-minute pattern to reduce pressure on tissue and muscles
  • SIMPLE, ONE BUTTON DESIGN: 120 volt pump quietly applies 1.9 psi of airflow and features a simple, one button on/off switch for easy operation by you
  • MOUNTING BRACKET: Pump includes built-in mounting bracket for easy installation on your bed or side table
  • MEDICAL GRADE: Heavy-gauge, medical-grade vinyl pad is durable, and easy to clean, with a 275 lb maximum weight capacity
  • Instructional Video

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