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Aqua Relief Hot and Cold Water Therapy Pump

Aqua Relief Hot and Cold Water Therapy Pump

SKU: ARS-2000D

Product Description

For proper use: Always have water above the fill-line Not for commercial/continuous use – pump life expectation is 1700 hours. Empty water from reservoir in between sessions Unplug in between sessions. There may be times when you need professional quality treatment to help with injuries or chronic issues, but you would love to be able to get it the comfort and convenience of your own home and on your own time schedule. The Aqua Relief System hot and cold water therapy machine is hospital grade equipment, so you can receive the very best care. The Aqua Relief System cold and hot water therapy unit gives your body localized support to get straight to the problem. Hot and cold water is circulated through whichever pad you choose, giving that specific area complete hot or cold coverage. The cryo-cool system circulates cold water (fill the unit with ice and water) for up to 5 hours; while the heating system revs up in less than 10 minutes and can give you the desired heat level for as long as you need it. The Aqua Relief System’s circulating ice water therapy settings can cool and soothe inflamed areas for up to 8 hours and allow you to freely move your joints, unlike unsecured ice packs that can frustratingly change position and fall off with any movement you make. Hot water therapy settings heat up in less than 10 minutes but will not go above safe heat temperatures in order to lessen the chances of damage to your skin. A 15-minute incremental time and auto shut-off help you to take control of your own treatment. Do not forget to attach the carrying strap in the box for easy transport.


**Therapy Pad Sold Separately**

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