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Golden Compass Sport Powerchair (GP605)

Golden Compass Sport Powerchair (GP605)


The Golden Compass Sport GP605 comes standard with the new Dynamic Linx controller! The Dynamic Linx provides a better ride experience using Dynamic’s patented Dynamic Load Compensation technology.

Dynamic Load Compensation allows the electronics to control the speed of the motors so the chair behaves the way the client expects, making driving simpler and a more natural experience. This unique technology also makes the ride independent of the terrain or environment by continuously making small adjustments depending on the driving conditions, such as hills, speed and rider weight. Golden Tech’s Compass Sport has a comfortable sleek design built for optimal obstacle climbing and maneuverability. With six wheels on the ground at all times, you can ensure your ride will be safe, smooth and stable wherever you go. The Compass Sport is also equipped with a height adjustable two-tone Captain’s seat available in two different color combinations and a frame option of red or blue, you can customize this power chair to your liking. 

The Compass Sport is available in 16", 18" and 20" standard seat widths, and an upgraded 22" wide seat. It is the only chair in its price range available with such a range of seat sizes. Not only is it available in four different seat widths, but all standard seats are high-back Captain's seats with a headrest.

Not only is this chair stylish, but its sleek design allows for a 19.5” turning radius to conquer the tightest of spaces and a 15 mile drive range per full battery charge. The Compass Sport is a perfect choice for active users who like to be out and about but need the mobility convenience of a power chair. The Compass Sport features the new Dynamic Linx controller, a patented load compensating technology that provides a better rider experience. The new technology makes it easier to learn and a more natural experience, while improving the terrain climbing ability of the Compass Sport. 


  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

  • Improved battery range of 19.5 miles

  • Turning radius 19.5”

  • Dynamic Linx Smart Controller (40 amp)

  • Side-mounted charging port

  • Adjustable-depth seat

  • Height adjustable headrest

  • Armrest height, width and angle adjustable



Weight Capacity

300 lbs.

Product Weight

185 lbs.

Heaviest Piece

92 lbs.

Battery Weight

22 lbs. (each)

Battery Type


Maximum Speed

4.5 mph

Drive Range

20 Miles

Turning Radius


Seat Width

16", 18" or 20"

Seat Depth

16", 18" 20" or 22"

Seat Type

Captain Seat

Overall Length


Overall Width


Overall Height


Ground Clearance


Drive Type

Mid Wheel Drive

Front Wheel Size


Rear Wheel Size


Max Climbing Angle

6 Degrees

Joystick Options


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