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Journey Upbed Independence (Twin XL)

Journey Upbed Independence (Twin XL)

SKU: Independence

Product Description


Get on and off your bed without a second thought. 
Lifts and rotates 90° to the left or right — smoothly and gently — so you can more easily get in and out of bed.

4-in-1 bed: 
Sit-up bed, chair bed, lift bed, and good old-fashioned sleep bed—you get it all-in-one comfy package.

8-inch memory foam mattress: 
The mattress provides heat-sensitive support for a good night’s rest. It conforms to your body, prevents sinking, and keeps its original shape for decades.

Engineered for comfort: 
A sturdy metal aircraft-grade frame and two separate, independently controlled motors help raise and lower your UPbed silently.

Safe and easy to handle: 
The UPbed Independence comes with a motion-sensitive, under-bed safety light and an easy-to-use remote


Packaged Frame Dimensions 





Packaged Mattress Dimensions


Bed Dimensions

Length: 80"

Width: 38"


UPbed Weight Capacity

500 lbs maximum capacity 

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the UPbed Independence a good adjustable bed for seniors?

    While everyone’s situation is different, the unique design of the UPbed Standard allows you to press one button to gently be raised to a nearly standing position.  Imagine your bed doing most of the work for you, swinging out and up to help you stand and safely step from the bed independently. And the same easy process in reverse lowers you down to the position of your choice. If you can use a lift chair by yourself, then you likely can use an UPbed.

    Can the UPbed Independence really help me sleep better? 

    Yes! It starts with infinite adjustability of sleeping positions on a premium memory foam mattress with a breathable cover. Unlike other adjustable beds, the UPbed Independence also gently swivels either left or right and gently raises you up to near standing position and lowers you gently back down at a touch of a button. Protecting your safety and independence brings about a peace of mind and relaxed feeling to help you mentally rest along with the many physical benefits.

    Will the UPbed Independence let me get in and out of bed without needing a helper? 

    While everyone's situation is different, the UPbed Independence's unique design allows you to simply press one button and it gently raises you to a nearly standing position. Imagine your bed doing almost all the work of climbing out and standing up for you! The same process in reverse lets it lower you back down to the position of your choice. If you can use a lift chair by yourself, you likely can do the same with your UPbed Independence.

    Is the UPbed Independence the same as a home hospital bed?

    The UPbed Independence has the same functions as most hospital beds…and it does a whole lot more. The unique design focuses every bit as much on your sleep quality as it does your safety. The premium, multi-layered memory foam mattress and breathable mattress cover give you even support regardless of what positions you chose. Separate motors for head and leg sections let you adjust the bed precisely to your liking. Better yet, it doesn't look like a hospital bed. The attractive design fits the décor of any home. Best of all, the UPbed Independence swivels either left or right and raises you up to nearly standing so you can maintain your freedom and independence to "get up and go" whenever you want.

    Is the UPbed Independence comfortable?

    The UPbed Independence comes with a multi-layer memory foam mattress to ensure a great night's sleep. It provides the right amount of support and molds to your body for smooth and even pressure distribution. With separate controls for adjusting head and leg positions, the optimal position for your needs is always as easy as simply pushing a button. You'll love how comfortable it is!

    Can the UPbed Independence also be used as a recliner for reading or watching television? 

    Absolutely! The UPbed Independence has been designed as a multi-purpose device. It's like four products in one!

        1. It's an adjustable bed for a comfortable and relaxing night's sleep.

        2. It's a "Sit-Up Bed" for reading, watching TV and resting.

        3. It's a "Chair Bed" for eating, crafting, and visiting with friends and family.

        4. It's a "Lift Bed" that swivels left or right, and raises and lowers you safely, much like a lift chair.

    What type of mattress is needed for an adjustable bed? 

    Your new UPbed Independence ships with an ultra-comfortable, multi-layer memory foam mattress that's designed to flex with the UPbed Independence frame, so you're always supported and comfy. No need for that old mattress with your new UPbed Independence.

    What is the weight capacity?

    Top quality parts and engineering let the UPbed Independence handle a maximum user weight of 500 lbs.

    What bed sizes are available?

    The UPbed Independence is available in Twin XL that's 38" wide x 80" long. We do not offer other sizes at this time.

    What's included with the UPbed Independence? 

    Your new UPbed Independence includes the "infinitely adjustable" bedframe, simple remote control, multi-layer memory foam mattress, 4-way stretch fabric mattress cover and adjustable, deluxe padded side armrests. Just add your pillows and sheets (uses standard-size twin extra-long sheets and blankets) and you're ready for a new level of convenience, safety...and great sleep!

    Will Medicare help pay for my UPbed Independence? 

    No. We work directly with consumers and cannot bill any insurance company. Your insurance company may reimburse you for a portion of the cost if they deem it medically neccessary and your plan offers that type of coverage.

    Is there any way to rent an UPbed Independence? 

    Unfortunately, we do not have a rental option.

    Is the UPbed Independence sold in stores? 

    The UPbed Independence is available exclusively from Journey Health & Lifestyle™ and can be purchased over the phone or online. There are no physical stores where you can go see it.

    Is the UPbed Independence easy to operate? 

    Definitely. The UPbed Independence has a simple remote control that is designed to be easy for seniors. There are eight easy-to-push buttons. Each button only does one thing to keep it simple. The remote control is on a wire so there's no batteries and no way to lose it. It even has a convenient clip to hang it on the armrests so it's always at hand.

    Can I make the UPbed Independence adjustments move faster or slower? 

    The UPbed Independence moves 'slow & steady' to keep you safe. The precision motors start and stop without the sudden, jerky feeling that comes with inferior adjustable beds.

    Can I adjust the head area separately from my legs?

    Yes! There are separate buttons on the remote control for raising or lowering your head...and raising or lowering your legs (bends at the knee area) from a 'chair shape' to fully flat. This gives you virtually infinite choices of positions to maximize your comfort whether reading, watching TV or getting that perfect position for a great night's sleep.

    Why doesn't the mattress fall out of the bed frame when the UPbed Independence stands up? 

    The engineers really worked overtime here to create an elegant solution. The UPbed Independence mattress cover does more than just protect the memory foam actually zips onto the entire bed frame to hold it securely in place! The 4-way stretch fabric is both breathable for your comfort and designed to flex with the bed into whatever position suits you best.

    Do normal sheets fit the UPbed Independence? 

    Yes. The UPbed Independence is sold as a Twin XL bed. Standard Twin XL bed sized linens will fit just right.

    What do I do with a top sheet and blanket before raising the bed to avoid tripping on them when standing and walking away from my UPbed Independence? 

    Most UPbed Independence owners simply drape the top sheet and blanket over one of the armrests and tuck it in a bit so it stays in place as the bed raises you up. Your legs and feet are now uncovered, and you can walk away from your bed without worrying about tripping over them.

    Will my existing headboard and frame work with the UPbed Independence? 

    No. The UPbed Independence is built with an attractive frame. It replaces all of your existing bed, including the frame and any headboard and footboard. The UPbed Independence's attractive design looks like furniture rather than a hospital bed, so there's no need for "covering it up" with headboards and footboards. Also, these would get in the way of UPbed Independence's unique ability to swivel left or right and to stand you up to get out of bed safely and easily.

    How do the UPbed Independence armrests work? 

    Your safety is the top priority, and the unique armrests protect you in several ways. In their 'flat' position, they serve as bedrails to keep you from accidentally falling out of bed. When the UPbed Independence stands you up, they're right there to hold as supports when standing in front of your bed. The padding is not bulky, and the fabric is textured to give you a better grip.

    If you want to enter or leave the bed from the side, you or a helper can simply pull a knob to raise and lock them in their "upright" position. They'll be out of your way...yet close enough to grab with a hand if needed for stability. Some owners also prefer this position when exiting from the foot of their UPbed Independence. They're also each fully removable if you don't need one or both of them at any time.

    Is there a battery backup in case of a power outage? 

    Included with the UPbed Independence are two standard 9-volt batteries that will allow you to put the bed in a lay flat position in the event of a power outage. This is for emergency, one-time use only and will not operate the bed repeatedly.

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