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Leg Cast Cover

Leg Cast Cover

SKU: RHB1020
  • Protection for most casts, bandages and wounds
  • Secure watertight seal
  • Repels water, dirt and grime
  • Reusable design
  • Textured tear-resistant material
  • 60 Day Guarantee 



      Protects most sized leg casts, bandages, prosthesis, wounds, scrapes, rashes and burns from water, dirt, sand and grime


      Lightly textured to provide stability when showering, the protector ensures casts stay dry to prevent cast damage and skin irritation


      Includes an elastic rubber seal that secures with easy to use pull tabs


      Seal retains its shape for extensive reusability


      Perfect for therapeutic care, showering, bathing and outdoor activities


      Made with durable reinforced seams, the lightweight composite material is tear-resistant and leakproof




    • To protect leg casts, bandages and wounds from water, dirt and grime
    • Safe for therapeutic care, showers, bathing and outdoor activities


    • One size fits most


    • Polyvinyl bag
    • Polypropylene
    • Rubber


    • Length: 31.1”
    • Width: 14.2”
    • Pull tabs: 5.5” by 1.6”

    How to Wear?

    • Expand diaphragm
    • Carefully insert the leg, stretching the diaphragm to easily glide over the cast
    • Secure the seal with the pull tabs
    • To remove, expand diaphragm and slide the leg out

    What’s Included:

    • Leg cast protector
    • 60 day guarantee

    UPC: 818323020977

    Product Number: RHB1020

    Shipping Weight: 6.4 ounces

    • Frequently Asked Questions

      Will this protector fit over an adult walking orthopedic boot?

      Yes, the protector can be used with regular plaster casts, synthetic casts and walking boots.

      Is the seal very stretchy for larger legs?

      Yes, the seal can accommodate leg circumferences up to 22”.

      Does this cast protector only come in one size?

      Yes, the cast protector is universally sized to accommodate most adult leg casts.

      Is this nonslip?

      Yes, the cast protector is lightly textured to provide greater stability while walking and standing.

      Does it work if your leg is fully submerged?

      Yes, the protector has a watertight seal to ensure your leg stays dry while submerged in a bathtub, however, the protector is not suitable for swimming.

      How many cast protectors do I get?

      One reusable leg cast protector.

      How does it seal on your leg?

      The protector has an elastic rubber seal with two pull tabs to easily secure the watertight seal.

      Will this cover my knee after a knee replacement surgery?

      Yes, the protector is 31” long and will sufficiently cover the knee of most adults.

      Is this protector reusable?

      Yes! The leg cast protector is reusable.

      Will this help keep sand out of my cast?

      Yes, the protector repels water, sand, dirt and grime to keep casts dry and clean.

      Is this cover latex-free?

      No, the leg cast protector does contain natural latex.

      Can I use this on my arm?

      Because the seal is designed to accommodate an adult leg, the seal may not tighten enough to ensure a watertight fit. Our arm cast protector features the same watertight protection.

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