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Walker Wheels with Glides

Walker Wheels with Glides

    • Replacement wheels and glide caps
    • Attachable to standard folding walker
    • Navigate across uneven surfaces
    • Height adjustable wheels
    • Protective ski glide covers
    • Easy installation
    • 60 Day Guarantee
    • Features

    Easily upgrade your standard or folding walker to a rolling walker


    Non-swivel rubber sport wheels smoothly roll over any uneven surface


    Curved ski glides slide into place and easily navigates over carpet, tile, pavement or concrete


    Protects against damage of indoor surfaces like wood or tile floors and carpets


    Tool free and hassle-free wheel or ski glide replacement


    8 adjustable leg height options for a personalized fit





  • For upgrading or replacing walker wheels and glides


  • Overall length including wheels: 15”
  • Overall width: 5”
  • Diameter of leg: 1”


  • Wheels: Rubber
  • Legs: Lightweight aluminum
  • Glides: Plastic
  • Covers: Felt


  • Gray

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe down with damp cloth
  • Dry immediately

What’s Included:

  • 2x walker wheels
  • 2x ski glides
  • 2x ski glide covers
  • Instructional Insert
  • 60 Day Guarantee


    Packaging Dimensions:

    • 14.09" x 5.59" x 2.8" 
    • Weight: 1.56 lbs

    UPC: 818323020793

    Product Number: MOB1015GRY

    Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds

    • Frequently Asked Questions


      How long is the extension on the walker wheels?

      The walker wheels are 15” in length, including the extension and wheel.

      Can I use the walker wheels on the back legs of my walker?

      Yes, the wheels are compatible with a rear walker leg however, without a proper braking system the walker may become unsafe for use on declines and other rough areas.

      What is the diameter of the tubing coming up from the walker wheels?

      The walker wheel extensions are 1” in diameter, which makes them compatible with most walker models.

      Can I use the walker wheel and ski glides with my Guardian walker?

      Yes, the wheels and ski glides are compatible with most walker models, including Guardian.

      Will the walker ski glides scratch my hardwood floors?

      Sturdy fabric glide covers are included in your purchase to protect indoor surfaces like hardwood floors from scratches.

      Do the wheels and glides come in pairs or single pieces?

      The wheels, glides and covers come in pairs.

      Do the wheels fit all walkers?

      Yes, the wheels will fit any walker with a 1 inch diameter.

      Do the glides fit all walkers?

      Yes, the glides will fit any walker with a 1 inch diameter.

      How do I install the walker wheels?

      The wheels are very easily installed in just a couple of steps. Please review this video for details.


      How do I install the walker glides?


      The glides are very easily installed in just a couple of steps. Just remove the existing rubber feet either in the front or the back of the walker and insert the glides into each leg. Tighten with a Phillips screwdriver.

      How do I install the fabric covers?

      Just place the covers over the walker glides.

      Do the wheels swivel?

      No, these walker wheels do not swivel.

    • Manual

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